Examples of educational trips

The activities team of Le Rocheton offers you a variety of fully adapted holiday breaks based on an educational project defined beforehand.
All these programs have been conceived by qualified and specialized partners.
The choice is yours!
Here are some examples of stays to give you some ideas. You can mix different subjects or add more outings and activities.
Activities and accommodation estimates are made separately by specialized teams fitting your budget needs.  For simplicity, one bill for everything will be provided.

Wild nature
Day 1:  Ephemeral creations
Afternoon: Land Art workshop. Make your own characters and paintings.
Evening:  Check-in and dinner.
Day 2:  Nature walk
One-day picnic trip. Stroll to explore the massif of Fontainebleau: discovery of its fauna and flora.
Evening: story-telling or film.
Day 3: Tree climbing
Morning: climbing to the tree top.
Afternoon: departure.

Crime show
Day 1:  A budding scriptwriter
Write your own scenes with the help of a customised card game.
Day 2: Quiet... action!
Start of filming in three groups: the camera crew, the sound team and the stage expression team.
Day 3: Film directors
Before going into any further editing, choose the music and typography of the film.
Day 4: film release
In groups, you'll be introduced to editing software. To conclude, your film will be shown.

In the air...
Day 1:  At take-off...
Scientific experiments: build your own water rocket and take part in its launch. Which one will go up the highest?
Day 2: ...music!
Build musical instruments using recycled objects and the elements of nature, then compose a piece of music.. in the air!

Forest adventure
Day 1: surviving in the forest
Afternoon: learn the tips and tricks on how to get by using a minimum of resources.
Day 2: going higher
Mountain bikes and climbing: the cycling groups meet up at the bouldering areas in Fontainebleau forest for a picnic followed by rock-climbing.
Evening: barbecue and campfire.
Day 3: keep north!
Morning: free.
Afternoon: practise your orientation skills en route.
Evening: dinner and festive evening.

Tales on knights, fairies and forest animals
Day 1: letting our imagination run free
Pick a tale and bring it to life with dances, theatre and music.
Day 2:  ...and our sense of creativity.
Scenery design, costumes and apparel creation.
Day 3: on stage, everybody!
Rehearsal gives way to the show.

Body shape and wellbeing
Day 1: Zen
Slow movements, work on breathing and concentration: Discover Qi Gong through some of its exercises.
Day 2: and delicacy
On your inks, brushes, watercolours: Everyone can choose their own well-being quote to be calligraphed and decorated.